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High Vibe Tribe, Contributor
Waking Times
All things are new. The old systems and paradigms are crumbling before our eyes and minds. Outdated mechanisms of knowledge and understanding have shifted and are passing. For those who are open and ready, it’s an amazing time for letting go.
It can be conceived as timeline or dimensional shifts and bleed-throughs if you like. For those experiencing and tracking these changes you will understand, others may sense something fundamentally different but are having a more difficult time just yet, but all will continue to progress. For those wanting to move with this energetic shift it will come, and more understanding as well as awareness will seep in. It can be subtle, or sometimes one psychic or transdimensional experience can trigger a big leap forward.
While we have so much in common we are all on unique paths. There’s no “one way” but there are commonalities that we all experience.
This energetic shift simply requires letting go into it, because it just is. As sure as we’re alive and Source eternally exists, our progression is assured one way or the other. The move “forward” is always there if we’re willing to move into it, but even if we hang back the overall field is moving anyway. This gets to the crux of our learning experience here, as there are several paradoxical aspects to all of this.
Those who’ve been seeking and learning and growing and working to bring about a better world as well as a more realized self expression have gone through much. While our most profound realizations are incredibly simple, all we’ve gone through to get there has been essential. Each of our paths are distinctly individual, yet we are a form of collective soul at the same time, each yearning for mastery of our being with the best possible outcome for all. This obviously does not apply to all those we share the planet with at this point, but the opportunity is available to all.
While many of us have striven to bring truth and openness to a deliberately darkened world, we’ve gone through many stages in the process. We’ve been the dreaming child, the system slave, the dropout, the student, the philosopher, the hungry researcher, the activist, the warrior, the preacher, the pundit, the angry cynic, the tired observer, the insider, the outcast, etc. The list is long, but these stages, whatever they’ve been, were essential to our development.
We eventually learn we cannot impose receiving the truth on anyone, only offer what we individually have learned, and it’s up to others what they do with it. Increased communication has been one of the driving forces for this recent acceleration of awareness that’s sweeping the planet, in addition to other unseen influences. For those engaged in these activities it’s right at whatever level they’ve chosen, but we must be aware of being drawn back into their vibrational level.  We need to help in whatever effective way possible but we can’t force it or interfere with free will, despite the fact that the matrix operates this way.
It operates on a judgmental frequency. Source does not.
Whatever our outlook, a rising tide lifts all boats.
And the tide is rising.

The Dissolving Past

Not only is the external structure collapsing, albeit somewhat violently, old manners and frameworks of perception are dissipating. How much each old system is sustained depends on how many cling to these often self-projected or believed paradigms, as nothing can override our choice to progress or hold on to the status quo. This is causing a separation of worlds in many respects, as realities split apart, much like worlds or timelines.
This is real.
This is not always obviously manifested externally, certainly not to the satisfaction of the skeptic or naysayer. It is evident, however, in changed lives, raised and lowered vibrations, new discoveries and ideas surfacing, and new social trends taking hold. In fact, it’s quite remarkable once you can perceive them.

A Place Called Now

For the sincere seekers, our search has been for meaning, for the full experience of living, and the Truth that permeates all things. We look for answers to the fundamental questions of life and eventually come to realize we’ve contained them all along in our heart of hearts . We have a knowing about a Source that emanates from within and without and have always been set out to connect with it.
It appears in the timeless state of Now. We get glimpses of it; our feelings draw us towards it, and our hearts long to experience more of it. A certain amount of information helps us along the way, but the reality we seek is beyond it, as what we perceive through this limitation only provides arrows pointing towards the unspeakable which we experience in moments outside of time.
This has long been known, yet even this experience is transcending the old concepts and belief systems. We’ve accumulated many helpful understandings from past teachings, yet in the light of this truly new energetic shift even those are outdated in many respects. Reference points can be anchors if we’re not fully conscious, which is clearly seen in the fullness of a truly fresh Now experience.
The Now is a portal. It’s always there, it’s always here. The Now is the ever present zero point everyone is striving for, yet it is always with us. It exists – over and over, yet timelessly. It’s we who have the difficulty in turning into it fully. Again the paradox, finding no time while inhabiting a world seemingly bound by time.
The Now just is, yet we struggle to find it, to understand it, as it slips through our fingers. Or so we think. In fact we’re flickering in and out of it continuously. Sometimes we can feel its ecstasy, sometimes not. We know we should live in it, yet time sweeps us along like the current of a mighty river, only allowing temporary glimpses of the majestic Now. Our minds then scurry to understand what only the heart can perceive, our ever present conundrum in this denser world of duality.
How do we escape time and explore this amazing realm of Now? It’s not always easy, yet it happens spontaneously with little or no effort. Mind gets in the way to make work of it, or identify when it is happening. Filtration mechanisms working overtime dull our nowness. Concerns and habits shroud our sensibilities. Circumstances and physical conditions blind the senses. Ever new as well as old ephemeral belief systems cloak our awareness.
Yet inspiration opens the door continually. Imagination lights the way. Each of our developmental stages were paving stones that led up to now, and they will continue, albeit in continued transformational manifestations. Yet those too must be let go of in deep energetic and forgiving ways in so many respects so as not to hold us back from previous perceptions.

Everything Is New

The truth is we can all be more in the Now than we are, but the inspiring realization is we’re there a lot more than we think we are. Besides always being in it whether we’re fully conscious of it or not, our lives are filled with breakthrough Now experiences.
Techniques such as meditation and more quiet time and deep experience in nature enhance this, while moments of emotional release, insights and creative imagination and inspiration abound in our lives, often spontaneously, resulting in the same. Making room for more of all of these aspects being a higher priority than ever in our lives soon goes without saying, once we’re really serious about this transition personally as well as for all of humanity and our planetary condition.
Therein lies a commitment to be made.

The Letting Go

We each experience a great falling away of many things in this process. Old unfruitful relationships, locations, living conditions, modes of expression and cherished belief systems. All of these shift or evaporate altogether. Let them pass. The new will manifest almost immediately and in many cases concurrently.
While we may experience times of isolation and solitude, it’s all a wonderful growing opportunity. It can be quite an emotional journey facing ourselves honestly and seeing former close acquaintances or beliefs fade from our lives. The beauty here is that our true friends and family become manifest.
And we are many.
Depending on our rate of acceleration as well as preparation, this shifting process can be a bit disconcerting. While our previous efforts may appear to have been off course or pointless in light of what we learn down the road, they weren’t. Many ideas and concepts and viewpoints will prove to have been quite off course in relation to what we come to learn is true, but they were what helped get us here. It’s seeing that and letting the old go that are at issue.
It’s easy if we’re malleable and trusting. Call it faith in the divine nature of it all, but that is something we can all be securely confident of, despite the seemingly bizarre nature and consequences of many of the choices that have taken place on this evolving planet.
There are no mistakes. There is no condemnation except what we personally ascribe to. Outside of us everything is beautifully neutral. There is no judgement. We invent and comply with that, in accordance with separation. When we realize all is One in different facets and stages and in the process of expansion we don’t judge, we accept, and in love, seeing the wonder of Creation both seen and unseen.

The Paradox of Three Dimensional Life

Yet paradoxically there is the part we are each here to do, most of all to truly awaken and raise in conscious awareness and enduring unconditional love. The ultimate solution. Nothing to wait for. Just be it. The rest will follow as we let go of old triggers toward less fruitful endeavors. It’s very tempting to get into the fray and all things reactive and fight it out in our minds or on the streets or in the staged informational platform at their low density level, but it’s to no avail and only muddies the waters.
Steer clear. Don’t feed the miasma. Be aware of it but don’t even touch it. It’s a tar baby designed to short circuit our connectivity to Source and who we truly, deeply are. That’s what they fear. Not our activism or exposure, although that’s all part of it. It’s us getting the real understanding of our true power as well as what energizes them and keeps them in business, which we then refuse to supply as we rise to a higher vibration with much more effectiveness.
That’s non-compliance.
Get free. Stay free. Help raise the planetary vibration. Share love, speak truth, live in the true joy of real Knowing that transcends these tricks and traps and manifestations of ignorance. Live according to your passion. The world is starving for love, kindness, gentleness, hope and happiness. We’re awash in it if we look around. Don’t let them drag us down to their level.
Let’s rise up and be the living solution. All is well and right in the grand scheme of things, the BIG picture.
Creation keeps expanding and learning, and we are an amazing and integral part of it all!
What a wonder!
About the Author
High Vibe Tribe is a contributing author to Waking Times.
This article (Upgrade to the Next Level of Now) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to High Vibe Tribe and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution and author bio.

Tagesdosis 25.9.2017 - Stockholm-Syndrom


Ein Kommentar von Susan Bonath.

Deutschland hat gewählt. Die alten und neuen Verwalter der BRD des Jahres 2017 drängen um die Fresstöpfe im Berliner Glaspalast. Eine Lösung für die Krise eines Systems, das an seinen ökonomischen Widersprüchen global zu kollabieren und in die absolute Barbarei zu verfallen droht, ist so fern wie ehedem. Aber das Bewusstsein der Masse liegt auf dem Tablett. Die Herrschenden lachen sich kaputt.

Das Zeichen ist deutlich: Eine von Abstiegsängsten geplagte Gesellschaft hat sich – wieder einmal – mehrheitlich dafür entschieden, nach unten zu treten. Nach unten treten ist das Grundprinzip im marktkonformen Wettbewerb. Es gilt, schwächere Konkurrenten auszuschalten. Mit allen Mitteln. Ganz so, wie Großkonzerne um Märkte und Profite konkurrieren, konkurriert der kapitalistische Mensch um Posten, Lohnarbeitsplätze, Wohnungen, sozialen Habitus.

Wankt der soziale Habitus, endet für viele die Suche nach einer Identifikation bei der Nation. Mensch will sich anerkannt fühlen. Er ignoriert, dass die Apparate der Nationalstaaten überhaupt nur existieren, um die Ausbeutung der Mehrheit zugunsten der besitzenden Profiteure effektiv zu managen. Es ist wie ein ewiges Stockholm-Syndrom: Geiseln solidarisieren sich mit ihrem Peiniger. »Der Sklave will nicht frei werden. Er will Sklavenaufseher werden«, sagte schon der polnische Journalist und Satiriker Gabriel Laub.

Laub war wohl nie im sächsischen Osterzgebirge. Der ländliche Kreis hätte sein Paradebeispiel werden können. Er ist geprägt von hoher Erwerbslosigkeit, wachsender Altersarmut und einem ausufernden Niedriglohnsektor. Rund ein Zehntel aller Menschen lebt dort auf dem Niveau der Grundsicherung. Mehr als ein Drittel der abhängig Beschäftigten arbeitet für Mindestlohn.

Und doch: 70 Prozent der Urnengänger haben im Osterzgebirge ausgerechnet die Parteien gewählt, die am stärksten auf sozialdarwinistische Aus- und Abgrenzung setzen und am frenetischsten den kapitalistischen Konkurrenzkampf feiern: AfD, CDU und FDP. Sie haben die neoliberale Avantgarde gewählt, die für Imperialismus, Krieg, Aufrüstung, mehr Repressionen und den weiteren Abbau sozialer Grundrechte steht.

Dass die AfD im Osterzgebirge mit 35,5 Prozent der Stimmen Platz eins ergattern konnte, hat eine Ursache: Mit Millionen-Spenden aus der Wirtschaft hat sich die Partei, die sich funktional aus Ex-CDU-Kadern, Unternehmern, erzkonservativem und fundamental-christlichem alten Adel und reaktionären bürgerlichen Möchtegern-Mitspielern rekrutiert, erfolgreich als »Opposition gegen Merkel« verkauft. Scheinbar hat sie die seit Jahrzehnten nicht nur in Sachsen politikbestimmende CDU besiegt. Tatsächlich verkörpert die AfD nur eine andere Kapitalfraktion, die sich nicht mehr von Merkels russlandfeindlicher Politik vertreten sah.

Der Vorwurf, AfD-, CDU- und FDP-Wähler aus eher abgehängten Schichten hätten nur das Programm nicht gelesen, greift zu kurz. Die kapitalistische Gesellschaft des Wettbewerbs »jeder gegen jeden« ist auch eine Gesellschaft der Glaubenssätze und Hierarchien. Der Mythos »Freiheit« hängt der FDP so unerschütterlich an, wie jener Mythos, die CDU sei wirtschaftlich irgendwie kompetent. Beide machen seit Ewigkeiten hauptsächlich begünstigten Konzernen und sich selbst die Taschen voll. Vom kapitalistischen Standpunkt aus betrachtet, ist das tatsächlich kompetent. Warum soll es der Wähler anders sehen?

Die AfD hatte dazu noch keine Gelegenheit. Damit sie nun mitmachen darf, wurde und wird sie satt gesponsert. So ist dem reiche Unternehmer vereinenden »Verein zur Erhaltung der Rechtsstaatlichkeit und bürgerlichen Freiheiten« nichts zu teuer für seine Favoriten. Doch das Kalkül des ostdeutschen Geringverdieners ist wohl ein anderes: Er klammert sich vermutlich an die Vorstellung, mittels ethnischer Homogenität und subjektiver Aufwertung seiner eigenen Identifikationsgruppe seine angeschlagene wirtschaftliche Stellung in der Gesellschaft kompensieren zu können...weiterlesen hier:

"CO2 Overestimated 50%" | The Authors Respond

Meanwhile In Puerto Rico

People Ignore Facts That Contradict Their False Beliefs

The more people there are who ignore facts that contradict their beliefs, the likelier a dictatorship will emerge within a given country.
Here is how aristocracies, throughout the Ages, have controlled the masses, by taking advantage of this widespread tendency people have, to ignore contrary facts:
What social scientists call “confirmation bias” and have repeatedly found to be rampant, is causing the public to be easily manipulated, and has thus destroyed democracy by replacing news-reporting, by propaganda - ‘news' that’s false - in a culture where lies which pump the agendas of the powerful (including lies pumped by the billionaire owners of top ‘news’media and of the media they own) are almost never punished (and are often not even denied to be true). Thus, lies by those powerful liars almost always succeed at enslaving the minds of the millions, to believe what the top economic-and-power class wants those millions of people to believe — no matter how false it might happen actually to be. 
Recently, a particularly stark example of this came to my attention. On 15 September 2017, an article that I wrote for the Strategic Culture Foundation, and which was titled by a true statement that I had only recently discovered to be true, was republished at a news-site that I consider one of the best around, “Signs of the Times” or “SOTT” for short, and a reader-comment there, simply rejected that title-statement and the entire article, because it contradicted what the person believes. This commenter entirely ignored the evidence that I had provided in the article, which proved the statement to be true. 
No matter how irrefutable the evidence is, most people reject anything which contradicts their deeply entrenched false beliefs, and this reader-comment crystallized for me, this phenomenon of “confirmation bias” — the phenomenon of ignoring evidence that contradicts what one believes.
The article was titled “Liberalism doesn’t respect a nation’s sovereignty.” I never knew that fact until I researched it, but I found, after looking through (and my article quoting key documents from) the history of the matter, that it’s actually the case: that liberalism (as it’s understood and defined by the scholars of the subject, and as it’s based upon the key formative documents of the historical tradition, “liberalism”) rejects a nation’s sovereignty. This fact shocked me to discover; so, I wrote an article documenting it, and SCF accepted it, and it then became republished at a few other sites, including SOTT.
The reader-comment at SOTT which for me personified confirmation-bias was (in its entirety):“This is a rather new twist blaming liberals for invading countries. I've always associated liberalism with the left wing and democratic, progressive politics. I've always associated conservatism with the right wing, big business, militarism and invading other countries. Trying to move the goal posts, are we?”
That person never clicked onto my article’s links documenting the case, nor even read the quotations given in the article itself from John Locke and from Adam Smith, who were key founders of “liberalism” as that tradition has come down to us. He instead ignored all of that evidence, and stated — entirely without evidence of any sort — that I (and SOTT, and SCF, for publishing it) were“Trying to move the goal posts.”
I (a Bernie Sanders voter, and a lifelong progressive and opponent of conservatism) am “Trying to move the goal posts” — how? By pointing out the manufactured phoniness of ‘liberalism’? By pointing out a key way in which liberalism was designed by its aristocratic sponsors (in this case by the aristocrats who sponsored Locke and Smith), to be an ideology that would encourage conquest, empire, and discourage democracy (which is based upon the sanctity of national sovereignty — based upon the lack of imposition of government by or on behalf of anyone who isn’t a resident on the land). Liberalism, I show there, was designed for Empire, not for democracy. That reader simply refused to consider the evidence.
People who insist upon deceiving themselves disgust me. Anyone who blocks out the key relevant facts and persists in believing the lies they were raised with, or became fooled into believing, doesn’t harm only themselves by the lies they believe; they vote on the basis of the lies they believe, and thus these people who refuse to be open-minded destroy democracy, and invite control of the nation by the aristocracy (who sponsor the proponents of those lies). People who refuse to question their own beliefs, become increasingly putrid pools of their own false beliefs, which have been created and nurtured and sustained and become larger and larger pools of lies, by constant repetition from the media and lobbyists of the rich and powerful, so as to enable the exploiters to enslave the masses, via those constantly repeated and embellished lies. 

The Sun/Natural Disaster Connection | Space News


EU2017: Future Science -- Rebroadcast—only $29:

In this episode, Thunderbolts Project colleague Ben Davidson, the founder of, discusses the possible connection between intense solar activity and natural disasters on Earth, including the recent Mexico quakes, powerful hurricanes, and other dramatic natural events.

Ben's video discussing the M 8.1 quake in Mexico City:

Ben's previous Space News interview on the Sun's connection to Earthquakes:

If you see a CC with this video, it means that subtitles are available. To find out which ones, click on the Gear Icon in the lower right area of the video box and click on “subtitles” in the drop-down box. Then click on the subtitle that you would like. 

Dani Katz: Words (are) Matter


Journalist, author, life coach, cartoonist, and existential warrior, Dani Katz joins us for conversation into the theater of journalism and the energetics of our languaging.

Dani established her reputation as one of LA’s edgiest literary talents while writing about art, sex, consciousness, and visionary/transformational culture for the LA Weekly, back in its early millennium heyday.Weekly. She has also written for The Los Angeles Times, Santa Fe Reporter, VICE, Reality Sandwich, and Nerve, as well as a radio talk show host stint.

We cover a range of topics from early journalism influences like Hunter S. Thompson to her muses for the cartoon figure that has become her avatar, and her post-2012 I Am Calendar", and the transformational coloring book, "Yes I Am". We also drill down to her core coaching tactics via Quantum Languaging skills and touch on gene keys and human design.

Dani's websites:
  • Category

The Reptilian threat and the Covert MILAB Wars


Mature content involving covert deep black military cross-species operations and Planet X.

The discussion continues from our last video covering DNA secrets, 'black goo' and true royal bloodlines being placed into surrogate families..This segment follows up with a recent account Lauda experienced and recalled during Hurricane Irma's crossing affecting the east coast U.S.A throughout the September 10-12 period. It involved a deep black military operation deployed to combat hostile reptilian forces that had surfaced in a more remote vicinity around the Florida/Georgia region according to her impressions/perception (more likely Georgia upon deeper investigation).

'Milabs' (military abductees) are commonly utilized within clone bodies to perform their highly trained and skilled tasks across a variety of military based platforms. They can work alongside or even lead other highly trained and classified 'special forces' teams, as many 'milabs' have been selected from early childhood based upon their metaphysical properties and DNA Potential that can be further manipulated for militarized purpose/service, including countering 'inter-dimensional alien' threats as part of such covert missions. 

This account is one of many, yet important to include based upon our previous warning that the reptilian threat will emerge more with pending events, both engineered and otherwise.

There is discussion weaved in also to assist the listener in conditioned soul preparation unto Spiritual Integration in Truth, for that is the primary purpose of providing such personal knowledge and testimonies, however challenging such knowledge may be to accept for many- GL ©

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GAZ'S FOCACCIA BREAD 🔥| @avantgardevegan

The Life-Blood CodeX pt1: with Lily Kolosova and Sethikus Boza

Unslaved Podcast: Before Atlantis


Michael and David speak with the eminent alternative historian Frank Joseph on the network of Europe's megaliths and their true purpose.

See for program references and links.

5.7 magnitude earthquake rocks Chiapas, Mexico 9/24/17


Climate Change Just Changed

Revolutionary Mind Trap - Bernhard Guenther


Unseen forces are using narcissistic identity politics to turn us into angry souls feeding the Beast! Will augmented reality form the final rift in our society? What will happen when we no longer worry about consequences? Hostile forces leave us believing violence is the way to enact changes on planet Earth.

Justiz Im Merkel-Land

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Draco - Crystalline Sirian B Warfare


Not my usual sort of video but important. These are my personal experiences dealing with the dark factions behind the 369 triangulation. This video will not be to everyone's taste but I needed to get this out. Enjoy!

Activation & Initiation


This is a guide based on my own experiences of what it means to be initiated and what the activation process actually is.......

Thanks to creation for getting me this far........

Sethikus Boza:

Randi Green:

B. Rich on scene in Houston, FEMA Camp Investigation & YouTube Grass Roots Communities Helping Out

Eruptions Begin, Cosmic Rays, Polar Vortex | S0 News Sept.23.2017

Screens, Cell Phones, Wireless and Children's Health

Sisterhood Of Death & The Power Of The Templars

In Vatican trial, witness calls spending on cardinal’s apartment ‘anomalous’

Photos: Sioux Tribe Says Elder Beaten and Tased by Cop While Trying to Visit Dying Mother

Written by 
(ANTIMEDIA) South Dakota — The Yankton Sioux Tribe is claiming police used excessive force to prevent one its tribal elders, 64-year-old Raymond Cournoyer Sr., from seeing his dying mother in a nursing home last weekend. Cournoyer was detained following the incident with police and wasn’t able to see his mother before she passed.
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Cournoyer, who spoke to Argus Leader on Tuesday, says he spent most of Saturday at the nursing home and that his mother was doing well, so he left that evening and returned home. He says the call he got from sister telling him to rush back to the city of Wagner to say his goodbyes was unexpected.
According to the Grand Forks Herald, an affidavit from the South Dakota Highway Patrol says one of their troopers clocked Cournoyer, a resident of Lake Andes, doing 72 in 65 mph zone. Cournoyer’s refusal to pull over prompted the trooper to call for backup from the Wagner Police Department when the vehicle crossed into those city limits.
The trooper followed Cournoyer to the nursing home. The Yankton Sioux Tribe released a statement to the press, and its claims of what happened next were summed up by the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan:
“After verbally informing the officer of his intention to be at his mother’s side during her final moments and then taking a few steps, Cournoyer was allegedly grabbed from behind and pushed against his vehicle. At that point in time, the tribe claims a member of the Wagner City Police Department arrived on scene and slammed Cournoyer to the ground face first and tazed him. Both officers then placed Cournoyer in handcuffs, the tribe said.”
The tribe further claimed that the Wagner police officer, Eli Kuhlman, who fired the taser, was a recent hire and uncertified. Argon Leader confirmed that claim with Wagner’s city attorney. Kuhlman had been with the six-person force for less than a year and had that full year to complete officer certification.
In fact, Cournoyer’s daughter Philomena, who was a witness and posted photos of the encounter to Facebook, wrote in her post that she had to put her own skills to use that night due to the officer’s inexperience:
“I just thought I would share this as well, I am the one who had to remove the taser prongs that were stuck in his skin after they tased him. They police officer didn’t know how to remove them. If the officer is too incompetent to remove the taser after firing it how is he even allowed to use it?”
Speaking to Argus Leader, Chiara Cournoyer described her sister Philomena as a trained medical technician with a goal of becoming a tribal police officer.
Philomena further claimed in her post that the reason her father wasn’t able to say his goodbyes is that the officers made the family wait outside the nursing home for 45 minutes while they talked over what to charge Raymond with.
According to the South Dakota Highway Patrol, the eventual charge was eluding law enforcement. That agency has since claimed in a press statement that the behavior of its trooper, Weston Fischer, was justified that night:
“South Dakota Highway Patrol has reviewed the actions of our trooper during this incident, and the trooper’s actions were professional and within South Dakota Highway Patrol policy. The South Dakota Highway Patrol did not request DCI investigation, but we have and will fully cooperate with it.”
The aforementioned investigation into the incident, being conducted by the state’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI), came at the request of the city of Wagner police chief, Argus Leader confirmed.
As of Friday, whether or not charges will be brought against the officers remains unclear. In an update on the case on Thursday, Argus Leader reported that that if charges are indeed filed, they won’t be handled by the county prosecutor.
The reason State Attorney Steve Cotton gave is that Raymond Cournoyer Sr. has been an expert witness on family law and tribal matters on too many cases for the county.
“In order to avoid any appearance of impropriety, we’re going to transfer it over to another office,” Cotton said, adding that because Cournoyer is “knowledgeable about child rearing and tribal culture, he’s a great expert witness for us.”
A determination into what agency would handle any potential charges has yet to be made.
As the Cournoyer family grieves the loss of a family member, the Yankton Sioux Tribe has called for a meeting with the city government of Wagner to discuss the issue. From the tribe’s statement to the press:

“We do not know if there is room to have a respectful discussion about the incident but we must try. Therefore, we have invited the City of Wagner’s Mayor, City Council, and Chief of Police to meet so that we can exchange information, opinions and ideas on ways our communities can address this incident and move forward. We hope they take us up on the offer.”

Unslaved Podcast: Secrets of the Knights Templar (Part Two)

Mining For Happiness On The People Farm